To journey along the Chao Phraya River is to gain unique insights into the Thai capital and to discover the rich history and modern marvels that have truly made it the “River of Kings”.

From Past to Present

The Chao Phraya came into prominence in the 15th century when settlers chose the area around the river due to its fertility and strategic location. Subsequently, the country’s capital moved from Ayutthaya to the river’s western banks which marked the development of Bangkok. Luxury resorts, shopping malls and temples can all be found along the riverside today and provide a unique sightseeing experience.

Ninara from Helsinki, Finland, 4Y1A0351 Bangkok (32664812272)CC BY 2.0

The Venice of the East

Constructed canals referred to as “klongs” were also connected to the river and led to Bangkok being called the “Venice of the East”. Some of these canals still exist and riverside resorts including the property of Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas offer special klong tours on traditional longtail boats.

Travelling Along the River

When it comes to traversing the river, travellers have several options; there’s the Chao Phraya Express Boat ferry service (with yellow, green or orange flags), the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (blue flag) and another flagless local service too. Some riverside resorts offer complimentary shuttle boats to guests as well.

pxhere, Chao Phraya River ThaiCC0 1.0

Key River Experiences

Travelling along the Chao Phraya River provides an ideal opportunity to see or visit famed Bangkok attractions including the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn and the National Museum of Royal Barges. Shopaholics will find the ICONSIAM mall and ASIATIQUE The Riverfront beside the river too.