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Wat Loi Kroh – A temple of great historical significance!

You can find the temple on Loi Kroh Road 65 – a few yards away from the night bazaar – in the midst of the buzzing tourist scene.

The most interesting feature

The history of the temple is the most alluring aspect. The temple was built in 1456 – which makes it about 500 years old – during the reign of the 6th king: King Kue Na of the Mengrai Dynasty.

The period of reconstruction

After liberating Chiang Mai, Prince Kawila of Lampang started reconstructing everything that was in ruins after many years of suffering and struggle. While rebuilding his own city, the prince sent delegates to neighbouring cities to force people to come and live in Chiang Mai. This was his method of spreading his sovereignty all over the nation.

Things to do near the temple

As mentioned above, the temple is located in the midst all the attractions in Chiang Mai. While you are on your trip, you can explore the night bazaar, Boy Blues Bar, Ceremony of Candles and Sunday Walking Market.

Where can you stay?

Although the temple alone is not a significant tourist attraction, there are other attractions that draw hundreds into the city – so it should be pretty easy to find a Chiang Mai hotel as you have a variety of accommodation options the likes of Anantara Chiang Mai Resort and many others to choose from.

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