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A Glance at the History of Dubai 

With breathtaking skyscrapers standing tall and the golden sun spreading its colours in the evening sky, there is no city more stunning than Dubai. If you’re yet to know the astonishing history of this futuristic city, read on!  How it Started! Dubai’s first noteworthy mention…


A Luxury Vacation in Dubai 

A highly sought-after tourist destination, Dubai has become the go-to luxury vacation paradise for many. The city of lights is a hub of excitement, divine global cuisine and unlimited shopping options for solo, couple and family travellers. When to Visit What is the ideal time…


A Thrilling Desert Adventure in Dubai 

While Dubai may have captured the hearts of tourists for its modern skyscrapers and shopping, the country’s natural ecosystem is what makes it special. The deserts in Dubai spread across the city have garnered much attention for their beauty as well as for the many…


The Dubai Fountain 

Designed by WET Design, the Dubai Fountain has become one of the primary attractions of the city. Located strategically close to Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, the fountain records daily visitors every evening who are eager to witness the choreographed movements of the high-pressure…


Pre-plan Your Dubai Vacation 

While Dubai may be renowned for transits, this desert-bound Vegas has a charm of its own. A vacation to visit the city of lights in desert dunes will require planning prior to the arrival, for the places to visit and adventures to behold are as…