Falling with style 

Dubai is famous for being exhilarating and refreshing with so many cool, new things to see and experience. Out of all the exciting things to do here, sky diving might be the most epic, adrenaline-pumping activity here. This guide aims to give a little insight…


A Traveller’s Guide to Nakheel Mall in Dubai 

In the heart of Palm Jumeirah of Dubai lies the magnificent Nakheel Mall. Built on the foundation of luxury and convenience, the mall houses numerous stores of designer brands, restaurants, and entertainment and spreads across 4.5 million square feet with over 4000 parking slots. An…


Explore Jumeriah Beach in 2022 

A gorgeous sandy beach located along the Persian Gulf, Jumeriah Beach is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the UAE. Tourists and locals come here to relax, enjoy the sunset, and experience the luxury hotels that line the beach. Jumeriah Beach The beach…


Why Dubai is Perfect for Solo Travel 

Planning your next big solo travel adventure? Here are some reasons why Dubai should be on top of your list for an unforgettable getaway. Safety & Hospitality Dubai is a safe destination even at night and a place you can meet with fellow travellers from…


Discover Dubai’s Spellbinding Deserts 

While Dubai is known for its modern marvels, it’s also set amidst stunning deserts which are well worth experiencing and exploring. Planning a Desert Safari Several deserts are within easy reach of the metropolis and can be visited on excursions from well-placed 4-star hotels in Dubai;…


The World Islands of Dubai 

One of Dubai’s newest attractions is the Global Islands, a group of man-made islands structured like a world map and located just outside the city. In and of itself, the concept is unique; where else can you find a man-made group of islands structured like…