The cute panda parks in Chengdu draws in visitors from across the globe. Apart from the panda’s the city offers a wide variety of spicy food, beautiful skyscrapers and other tourist destinations you can enjoy.

Panda | Image Credit : anonymous, Chengdu-pandas-d10, CC BY-SA 2.5 ES

Serene surroundings

Chengdu is one of the most unique cities in China unlike its more popular cities like Shanghai or Beijing because people are more laidback and relaxed. If you’re staying at one of the luxury options for Accommodation in Chengdu similar to that of Somerset Riverview Chengdu you’ll discover most people don’t speak English, making it best you enlist the help of a local tour guide or know some common phrases to get around while exploring the area.

The Pandas

The Sichuan province that surrounds the city of Chengdu is full of pandas, the main reason why the city is a popular tourist destination. The Chengdu Research Base, which is located near the city is a scientific facility that conducts research on how to increase the survival chances of pandas is one of the best places to see pandas in their natural habitat.

The food

Chengdu is the birthplace to popular dishes such as “Szechuan Chicken” and “Kung Pao Chicken” which served at Chinese restaurants across the world. It’s a great place to visit if you’re a foodie as there any scrumptious choices of dishes that you can try out.

Explore the south-west of China

The Leshan Giant Buddha, Mount Qingcheng and Emei Shan are some of the other popular tourist destinations which are located in the southwestern region that you can visit while visiting Chengdu.

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