Guide, Sri Lanka

Discover the Beauty of Sri Lanka 

As a popular travel destination, Sri Lanka offers travellers a breathtaking array of attractions. From natural wonders to heritage sites, here’s a rundown of the best highlights in the country. Kandy Occupying the Central Highlands of the country, the hill capital known as Kandy is…

Sri Lanka

A Day At Yala National Park 

Nestled on Sri Lanka’s southeastern coastal belt is the appealing and delightful Yala National Park; home to many a species of varying shades & sizes. Here is how you can spend a day at the Park. Morning Having a plan and a knowledgeable guide at…


The traditional food of Abu Dhabi 

One may easily say that Arabian food has many cultural influences because of how they look and taste. Yes, that’s true, because Arabian food culture has been influenced by the Indian, Turkish, and many other cultures. Khubz This is the Arabic version of flatbreads. It…


Falling for the Skyscrapers of Dubai 

A visit to Dubai would make you fall in love with its incredible cityscape, which glistens after twilight, twinkling with the lights of its modern skyscrapers. Overview Dubai never fails to fascinate its visitors. While no amount of manmade structures can ever surpass the miracles…