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The Sensational Palm Jumeirah in Dubai 

Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is a truly mesmerising contemporary creation offering an array of alluring attractions that would undoubtedly capture the imagination of sightseers. The appearance  A marvellous triumph of engineering, the Palm Jumeirah happens to be composed of reclaimed land fashioned into a number of…


The Vibrant Pattaya Floating Market 

Visitors to Pattaya in Thailand should undoubtedly take the opportunity to explore the entrancing Pattaya Floating Market which would offer a number of features of interest that would be truly captivating. Read on to find out more. Shopping  As you might expect, the shopping opportunities…


Dubai’s Amazing Art and Culture Scene 

Lovers of art and culture visiting Dubai would have the opportunity to experience several absorbing attractions that would undoubtedly capture their imagination. Alserkal Avenue  Just like many other artistic localities around the world, the remarkable Alserkal Avenue originated as a modest warehouse district. Today, however,…


The Many Vibrant Souks in Dubai 

The souks in Dubai would be traditional marketplaces where shoppers could secure outstanding bargains on goods such as gold, spices, perfumes and more. Here are some of the most popular souks in the city. Deira Gold Souk  Deira Gold Souk which you will find in Dubai…


Thai Spa Treatments 

Life is not all about a race or a competition. No matter how hectic your lifestyle can be, you should always find time for yourself because that’s important. This is why activities such as yoga and meditation are recommended for people with busy schedules. Spa…