While Sri Lanka’s central hills are known for Ceylon Tea, in the south coast is a unique tea estate where one can witness how the famed Virgin White Tea is grown and plucked.

Planning Your Visit

Virgin White Tea is grown at the Handunugoda Tea Estate in Tittagalla, Ahangama within easy reach of south coast destinations such as Kalutara. Hotels that provide excursions to this estate inclusive of a tour are ideal for those looking to explore this estate where you will find coconut, cinnamon and rubber plantations too.

Image Credit: Anantara Kalutara Resort

Untouched & Pure

Those visiting the estate on excursions organised by properties like Anantara Kalutara Resort can learn about Virgin White Tea; in keeping with traditional Chinese rituals, no human hands are allowed to touch the tea leaves; instead, tea pluckers wearing gloves carefully cut the leaves using golden scissors!

Factory Insights

You also have the chance of seeing the processes (during hours of operation) and machinery of the tea estate factory. Much like a working museum, the factory has machines that were originally brought down from the UK, some of which are said to be around 150 years old!

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The Ideal End

The tour also includes a visit to the planter’s bungalow where you can savour a refreshing cup of tea and some chocolate cake. You will even have a chance to visit an onsite shop where a wide variety of teas are sold including the famed Virgin White Tea.