Mauritius Experiences to Cherish 

Enthroned in alluring beaches, reefs and lagoons, Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa. The Republic of Mauritius has garnered worldwide attention as a popular travel destination for its mountainous interior, ringed by a crystal blue…


A Day in Desaru Coast 

The town of Desaru, located in Johor, Malaysia is well renowned for its exquisite beach by the South China Sea. This ideal leisure destination is a crowd favourite for tourists who seek peace in the outskirts of the unusual Malaysian towns. A trip to Desaru…


Falling with style 

Dubai is famous for being exhilarating and refreshing with so many cool, new things to see and experience. Out of all the exciting things to do here, sky diving might be the most epic, adrenaline-pumping activity here. This guide aims to give a little insight…

Middle East

Al Jannah of the Middle East 

Gleaming glass buildings, glamour and splendour at every corner, Qatar is a modern, egalitarian version of Utopia. Its dazzling capital Doha is made for spirited travellers. Each year thousands of visitors come here to be marvelled by its beauty and charm. Here are some things…


A Traveller’s Guide to Nakheel Mall in Dubai 

In the heart of Palm Jumeirah of Dubai lies the magnificent Nakheel Mall. Built on the foundation of luxury and convenience, the mall houses numerous stores of designer brands, restaurants, and entertainment and spreads across 4.5 million square feet with over 4000 parking slots. An…