Discover Kowloon City, Hong Kong – A Remarkable Locality

The attractive and intriguing Kowloon City is a feature of Hong Kong that is sure to capture the interest of the visitor. Here you will find many appealing restaurants and eateries that will delight the food lover; it is also an attractive area to stroll through with many interesting sights. As you experience the attractions of the city, stay at one of the quality hotels in Kowloon, Hong Kong such as the appealing Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong. This fine accommodation offers tastefully appointed rooms and attentive hospitality in a convenient location.
Kowloon City is an engrossing locality to explore as it offers many distinctive attractions that will entrance the visitor. This part of Hong Kong is well-known for its Thai influences and culinary attractions, so much so that it is often referred to as ‘Little Thailand’ and the ‘Food City’. At one time this area was called the Kowloon Walled City and was notorious as a lawless district where gambling activities was rampant.
Today however the situation here is very different. Rather than anarchy and squalor today you will find an attractive locality featuring the pleasant Kowloon Walled City Park. Offering verdant grass and a picturesque pagoda, this park is an appealing place to spend leisure time. Modelled on the famous Jiangnan Gardens, this park is always a pleasant place to visit.
Near this popular park you are sure to notice the discernible influence of the Thai immigrants who settled down in this part of Hong Kong. Visitors will be captivated by the numerous Thai eateries, groceries, dessert shops and street stalls that you will encounter here. However there is more to Kowloon City as visitors will also come across the establishments of Hong Kong’s other communities.
Another attraction is the local wet market which is also a great place to pick up tasty local eats. Other well-known local features are the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the Cattle Depot Artist Village where many local artists have moved into and carry out their creative work.


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Health and Wellness in Koh Samui – Spas, Ayurvedha and Yoga

One of the most beautiful and blissful islands of Thailand is Ko Samui. Located in close proximity to the mainland province of Surat Thani, this tropical island is visited annually by over 1.5 million tourists from all over the world. Known for its stunningly beautiful beaches, amazing coastal features, thriving hospitality and tourist industries, and many leisure and recreational attractions, this island is truly an enchanted tropical paradise. For a memorable stay in a luxury Samui Resort make a reservation at the Anantara Bophut Koh Samui Resort & Spa.
While most tourists come to Koh Samui is explore its natural beauty, experience its nightlife or engage in all the water sports and recreation it offers, Koh Samui is also ideal for the tourist looking for some spiritual and mental tranquility and physical wellness. This is because Koh Samui is also home to many health and wellness options. Be it all day spa treatments, age old ayurvedic procedures, or practicing yoga in some of nature’s most beautiful environments, Koh Samui offers you a range of health and wellness options to suit all your needs.
Koh Samui’s hospitality industry is known for its great spas. Most the resorts of Koh Samui offer great spa facilities with trained professionals performing treatments that sure to put your mind and body in a state of bliss. Using a variety of techniques, herbs, oils and other ingredients, these spas are sure to cleanse your body and calm the mind.

Most spas offer treatments such as herbal baths, herbal steams, aroma therapy, massages, and detoxing, each of which is assured of enhancing your wellness. There are also many ayurvedic centers and spas in Koh Samui. Boasting a tradition of thousands of years, ayurvedha is an ancient form of treatment which incorporates natural elements and physical movement to refresh, nourish and heal the body and mind. Many resorts of Koh Samui also have yoga studios as part of their health and wellness facilities, with trained professions who will help you achieve physical and mental balance.

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Tantra Yoga on Thong Nai Pan Yai – Of Positive Energies and Enhanced Consciousness

Thong Nai Pan Yai, a small town located on the northern coast of Koh Pha Ngan, is one of Koh Pha Ngan’s most popular areas. Known for being a popular backpacker destination, Thing Nai Pan Yai is home to some of the island’s most secluded beaches. Although the beaches are secluded, Thong Nai Pan Yai is quite a developed area with many great attractions for tourists. The Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan Villa Resort & Spa is one of the most recommendable hotels in Koh Phangan.

Tantra is an ancient Asian philosophy that focuses on the channeling of universal energy from the macrocosm to the microcosm; from God or the Universe to the human being. The objective of Tantra is therefore to expand the awareness in all states of our consciousness by going beyond the compulsive and cyclical nature of the mind and body. Thus, Tantra Yoga is a form of yoga that teaches one to use his or her body to be free of the compulsive and cyclical nature of our body, and thereby experience more holistically, spiritually, and sensually. It is quite a misconception that Tantra Yoga is just about sex. Tantra yoga teaches its disciples how to use one’s energies to make one’s life more balanced. Through this, however, couples can learn to be more sensual and have better relationships.

Thong Nai Pan Yai is home to many yoga studios which offer Tantra Yoga. These yoga studios are ideal for both beginners and veterans. Most of these studios have trained yoga gurus as instructors and offer you authentic Tantra Yoga training. Many resorts and as well as The Yoga Studio; the premier yoga studio in Thong Nai Pan Yai, offer Tantra Yoga. So if you want to try out this ancient form of yoga that enhances the body, mind and soul, the beautiful region of Thong Nai Pan Yai is probably one of the best places to start.

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Looking for balance – Wellness & Yoga in Bali

Many visitors have been coming to Bali looking to heal their bodies and mind by taking advantage of wellness and yoga programs offered by spas, retreats and yoga studios throughout the island. Meditation, fitness programs, traditional Balinese massage coupled with wellness therapies, energy and sound healing, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, craniosacral therapy and acupuncture are all offered here. Getting into the act several shops offer trendy yoga clothing, mats, props, books and spiritual jewellery, fitness and leisure wear, health food, chemical free cosmetics and natural household products. Raw and macrobiotic food, vegetarian and vegan food prepared with locally sourced organic ingredients also have their aficionados. Anantara Bali Uluwatu Resort & Spa, one of prominent Uluwatu hotels offers relaxing and invigorating spa treatments.

Bali, particularly Ubud with its cultural, spiritual and healing traditions is at the heart of the interest in wellness and yoga. People from all over the world descend on Bali looking to achieve wellness of body and mind by engaging in the range of holistic practices offered here. A clutch of international yoga teachers offer regular programs encompassing yoga postures, breath control and meditation guaranteed to offer total well being and inner peace.

Wellness programs directed at achieving a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit are popular attractions. They take the form of workshops in healing arts, treatments combining massage, diet, herbal treatments and yogic breathing, Pilates classes and dance, personal training programs, pampering spa treatments for men and women, lifestyle counseling and traditional Asian medical treatments. Specially designed restful settings with some overlooking the gorgeous scenery of the island add to the experience. The Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, held over five days in April is the showcase for health, yoga, lifestyle, and wellbeing and world music on the island. Workshops on health and wellness related subjects, nightly concerts by musicians from around the world, and a range of health and wellness programs for everyone are popular with the attendees.

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Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera – A repertoire of many tales & times

Referred to popularly as the crown jewel of Chengdu tourism industry, the Shu Feng Ya Yun Sichuan Opera is a display of colours, acrobatics, comedy and enthralling music. In order to experience this at its best, book a hotel in Chengdu China such as the M Hotel Chengdu which is a recommended Chengdu hotel to explore the best of what Chengdu has to offer. This Sichuan Opera is performed at Shu Feng Ya Yun which is a teahouse-style theatre that showcases Sichuan’s traditional arts and culture and is quite a charming place to hang out while sipping a drink. The Sichuan opera has an immense history that can be traced   back to China’s Three Kingdom period. This is the time when the ‘Canjun Opera Style” became quite influential. However, it further developed during the Tang and the Song Dynasties where new specialities were added combining local languages, folk customs and ditties in Sichuan. All in all, it is a fine display of what Sichuan arts had acquired over its entire span of being. The acting style is vivid while its strong sense of humour caters specifically to the local tastes. However, the romanticism of the Sichuan Opera is best displayd through the many stunts performed throughout the opera such as face-changing, sword-swallowing and fire-spitting which leaves the audience in awe.


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Snorkel at the Coral Garden – Welcome to paradise!

Vibrantly coloured fascinatingly shaped corals gleam underneath the water winking at you invitingly. The best means to explore is obviously snorkelling through the multicoloured undergrowth teeming with marine life. Resorts in Maldives in which one can lodge in while engaging in this adventure are many but the most popular is Maafushivaru Maldives ranked among the top most Maldives island resorts scattered across the board. Coral reefs are alluring enough on their own, but the most fascinating are the multi hued, multi shaped creatures that dwell amongst these corals. From different species of fish to turtles, crabs and other marine creatures, this coral garden is rich in life and vivacity. For amateurs, there are professional divers who will be willing to guide them through these reefs while for those who are well versed in the art, a marine biologist can be hired to help identify the different species that they encounter. Big or small, the coral gardens in Maldives holds wonders for all!

Forbidden City (Palace Museum) – Home of the monarchs

Located at the heart of Beijing, the Forbidden City served as the home of emperors for almost 500 years when in full swing during the  Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty as the Chinese imperial palace. To explore the sight is a mighty task and therefore, make sure that you reserve one of the most popular serviced apartments in Beijing to lodge in during the expedition such as the Ascott Raffles City Beijing known to be Serviced Apartments Beijing is quite proud of. Declared as a world heritage sight in 1987, the Forbidden City is a museum today housing the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world. Surrounded by a 7.9 metre high city wall and a 6 metres deep by 52 metres wide moat, it is easy to see why this place was called the Forbidden City. Nobody could enter or leave the palace without the emperor’s permission and the security measures surrounding the city ensured that. Comprised of two courts and four gates, the Forbidden City is an attraction not to be missed when visiting this part of the world.

Pamper in an Abu Dhabi Spa – Preen like royalty

Ever imagined yourself to be an exotic Arabian princess, pampered amidst the mystic aromas of sandalwood, musk and other exotic fragrances while being waited on hand and foot? An Abu Dhabi spa offered by a suitable Abu Dhabi resort allows you to indulge in this fantasy to your heart’s desire and Desert Islands Resort & Spa by Anantara is one of the most popular Abu Dhabi beach hotels that can be chosen for this occasional indulgence. Experience rejuvenation at the hands of Abu Dhabi’s best masseuses and indulge in the best kept secret spa therapies of the Arabian Gulf. Abu Dhabi is known for its use of natural and authentic ingredients in their spa therapies while employing time valued traditional methods that had been in use since the time of the great Arabian kings and queens. Be pampered and preened at an Abu Dhabi spa. You are bound to feel like royalty afterwards.

Jayani Senanayake is a writer who dabbles in travel and all things exotic. Under the pseudonym of Calliope Sage, she writes of the allures that must simply be discovered.