Explore Dubai Marina on Your Next Holiday 

Enjoying an idyllic waterfront setting, the Dubai Marina is the perfect place to spend the day with both beachside bliss and exhilarating experiences on offer! Plan Your Visit This marina can be accessed via the Sobha Realty Metro Station (Red Line), while properties like Anantara…

Abu Dhabi

Planning a luxury vacation in Abu Dhabi 

A city dotted with towering buildings, five-star resorts, man-made islands, upscale restaurants, and designer shopping malls, Abu Dhabi is a manifestation of the UAE’s wealth. Popular with business travellers and luxury seekers, this city of oil riches is ideal for lavish getaways. Book the right…


A Brief History of Dubai Tourism 

It’s a global metropolitan and the main business hub in the Middle East- and it’s none other than Dubai. Dubai’s success story as a great tourist destination is worth exploring. The history of Dubai In 1833, some 800 people from the Bani Yas tribe first…