Enter the Gulf of Qatar – A land of wonders!

Qatar is considered to be a place where everybody would like to live. Its amazing landscapes, skyscrapers, luxury hotels in Doha and art contribute to the country being a major tourist hub.

Cultural Diversity

The country is home to many expats making it a culturally diversified community. If you have plans of living there one day, you can rest easy knowing that you needn’t go out of your way to make friends.

The role as a gateway

It’s pretty easy travelling from Doha to other countries. Within few hours, you can arrive at Colombo, Goa and Istanbul – what’s more, you can access Amman, Muscat and Beirut easily – the flight is very short, and if you are in Doha, that means you are within reach of many other cities.

Art Scene

Doha’s reputation depends upon many aspects including resorts like Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, and the art scene is one such aspect. The country is dotted with galleries and museums supported by the Qatar Museum Authority. At these galleries, you can enjoy Islamic art and works done by contemporary artists. If you are someone who loves art, you should find these places extremely educational.

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Why visit Doha? – Kingdom of Pampering

If you set your sights on visiting the Middle East, Doha is the place to be for some of the most unique and luxurious experiences, it is the world’s richest city after all.

1) You can purchase a falcon

Visiting the Souq Waqif is considered the highlight of any trip to Doha. In this historic centre of Doha, you will come across souks that sell almost everything from gold to rugs, spices and even falcons. This is a rite of passage for most Qatari men as nearly 80 per cent of them own a falcon. These birds aren’t cheap either, ranging from around $5000 all the way to $250,000.

2) Watch camels race

While horse racing can be seen anywhere else on the planet, this is where you come for camel racing. It is even called the sport of the sheikhs.

3) Witness the Culture

There are plenty of luxury hotels in Doha for you to check into before you check out the city, such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara for instance. After which you can seek out for some culture at the Museum of Islamic Arts to witness some of the beautiful textiles, manuscripts and ceramics from history.

4) Revel in the food

Explore the city and discover its offering of food as it will always be guaranteed to be nothing short of amazing.

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Why You’re Going to Love Doha – City of Grandeur and Splendour!

Impressive skyline fast cars and a luxurious lifestyle this what you’ll get to see when you are in Dubai. It is a country of billionaires and highlife and hub of one of Asia’s most dynamic economies. Read on to know reasons as to why you’re going to love this city when you visit it.

Dubai is one of the best shopping destinations in the world

The Qataris loved to shop and the habit is instilled in their blood. Doha is filled with expansive malls and boutique shops, and you can find almost anything ranging from branded goods to artefacts in Dubai.

It is an emerging metropolis

The city is developing at an astonishing speed. Skyscrapers expansive complexes residential apartments all are being built at a rate you can only imagine. The city has been also selected as the venue to host the football world cup in 2022 and in order to accommodate and impress the guest who arrive here several development projects have been commenced and are being preceded at an astounding pace.

Dubai is a cultural hub

Qataris distinctive culture and traditions are valued across the cities of the great nation and Doha is of no exception. Many cultural events and festivals are celebrated in a grand and traditional way upon visiting Dubai at the right time you can witness these events and you will definitely overjoy by witnessing them.

Plenty of sunshine and plenty of activities to engage in

The Sunkissed land is full of surprises and visitors can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities when they visit here. You can engage in Desert safaris, go for sailing kayaking and even golf. If you don’t like the sun very much you can indulge yourself in luxurious comforts by staying at a Doha hotel the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara which will also be a fun thing to do.


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HamacLand Private Floating VIP Lounge – A Truly Unforgettable Luxury Experience

The State of Qatar, one of the most prominent nations in the Middle-East is a land that is almost synonymous with luxury. The nation boasts the third-largest natural gas reserves in the world and is renowned for its high-income economy, as well as its high rate of human development. Its capital city of Doha boasts one of the most iconic skylines in the world, with many eccentric and eye-catching works of architecture to be seen. Due to its opulence, Doha luxury hotels are plentiful, with many to choose from such as the Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, with each of them showcasing experiences that are the stuff of dreams.

One of the newest of these experiences in recently is the brainchild of a company by the name of HamacLand and their concept is the realisation of a vision of ‘land meets sea, and sea meets sky’. The end product is the HamacLander, which comes in two distinct types. Each of these can be described by the company as a ‘personal island’ of sorts where families and friends can relax together. At first glance these incredible inventions seem like floating decks equipped with a number of hammocks, seating facilities, and a variety of customisable features.

All models can feature waterproof cushions, four hammocks made with Serge Ferrari fabrics. One of the most unique options is a waterproof bean bag that also floats. Since the company is fairly new, there are some upcoming facilities such as retractable sun-decks and teak tables.

The Nicelce model is the more feature-packed of the two, and can be further upgraded upon request with features such as solar panels and a water tank with a shower.

These are truly the latest innovation in the field of luxury and are super to be making appearances in the abodes of the most privileges as well as the most elite luxury hotels Qatar has to offer.

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Jogging in Desert Holiday Hotspot Doha

Whether you’re an avid jogger or just hoping to stay fit during the holidays vacationing in Doha offers visitors a range of picturesque landscapes in which to enjoy the popular form of exercise. Tourist hoping to balance wellness and health while indulging in some of the simpler pleasures of a holiday such as wining and dining can experience the best of both worlds by heading to the city’s idyllic parks for a run. Visitors based in Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara and other hotels across the city can enjoy a morning or afternoon jog at the following hotspots in Doha.

Aspire Park, located opposite Villaggio Mall and next to its namesake tower is undoubtedly the most frequented jogging park in the city. Lush walking trails and jogging paths crisscross its breathtaking confines littered with play areas, shady trees and fountain. A favourite of the Doha Bay Runners Club Sheraton Park is one of the city’s oldest and best parks for runners. Occupying the heart of the city the running track is among the finest in the area. Tourists and locals alike also work up a sweat jogging along the scenic Corniche Park with its stunning ocean and skyline views serving as the perfect backdrop for a relaxing jog. Visitors can take a break from their jog and also take part in the park’s stretching and aerobics sessions or take a mat along for some yoga if the mood strikes. Health conscious jogger should also experience the sprawling lawns and open spaces of Al Rayyan Park where the outdoor running track attracts joggers of every age and origin to the verdant patch which is relatively less crowded than other jogging parks in Doha.

Passionate joggers and running enthusiasts heading to Doha can also time their visit to coincide with some of the city’s most coveted events for runners. The Dolphin Energy Doha Dash and the Six Senses Charity Run are family oriented running events in February in addition to the Aspire Zone Fun Run. The Night Run and the Tower Torch Run, on the other hand, offer diverse challenges for joggers as they must run in glow in the dark attire for the former and run up a flight of 1304 stairs for the latter.

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Msheireb Enrichment Centre – Showcasing the Past, Present & Future of Qatar

Qatar, a much loved tourist destination in the Middle-East is most famous for its modern capital, Doha. Apart from its adored capital city, Qatar is also famed for its world class museums, heritage souqs and sand dunes. It is a peaceful and thriving nation, home to many luxury hotels, restaurants and other attractions.

The best way to discover Qatar’s rich past, booming present and ambitious future is to visit the Msheireb Enrichment Centre, established by Msheireb Properties. It is a landmark destination that serves as an educational portal that offers visitors the chance to discover the finer details of Qatar. Msheireb Enrichment Centre is docked at the scenic Doha Corniche. Travellers planning to visit the centre can indulge in world class comforts at any of the Luxury Hotels in Doha. An ideal choice is the conveniently located Banana Island Resort that offers world class facilities and services.

Msheireb Enrichment Centre houses some of Qatar’s historically significant artifacts and is a one stop shop to learn and discover how the country grew economically over the years. The unique architectural highlights and the striking imagery of the establishment bear testimony to the country’s rich cultural heritage. It is also a great place to discover the future plans of Qatar as it aims to make great strides in technology and innovation.

Msheireb Enrichment Centre is equipped with state of the art conference rooms and galleries that host various cultural events and workshops throughout the year. The exhibition spaces are well used to showcase the unique cultural and historical heritage of Qatar. Al Bahara is the entrance to Msheireb Enrichment Centre and it is an open air space that serves as a gathering place for the community. The area that is allocated to showcase the past of Qatar will take the visitor back in time to the early 30’s when the country first discovered oil. From there on the centre portrays a vivid picture of the country’s various progressions from architectural advances to pearl diving. There are also areas dedicated towards showcasing the present and future aspirations of Qatar.

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Souq Waqif – Quaint memories

From traditional garments, souvenirs, handicrafts to delectable local cuisine, one finds everything here. Search for one of the Best hotels Doha for accommodation if intending to explore the amazing Souq Waqif and Copthorne Hotel Doha is one of the most preferred hotels in Doha chosen by many who visit the place. If not for the curious collection of products that this place has in store, one must visit for the exquisite architectural craftsmanship displayed in this century old building. Mingle with the locals who frequent this place in search of traditional thobes, wool, jewellery and perfumes and delve to the very depths of this colourful local culture. It has also become a popular venue as an art gallery as well in the recent times, owing to the absolutely charming ambience that seems to perpetually surround it.