Would You Like a Cup of Sri Lankan Tea? – A Sip to Soothe Your Soul

The production of tea in Sri Lanka is one of the main forms of income for the country. The process of tea production in quite an interesting one! Here’s a little more on the tea industry in Sri Lanka.

The history of tea

It was in 1824 that tea first came to Sri Lanka for a botanical exhibit. At the time it was planted by the British, no one had any idea the kind of impact this plant would have to Sri Lanka. Tea production began in 1867 after a disease destroyed several of the coffee plantations in the island. Several tea museums are part of Sri Lanka hill country tours provided by tour companies such as Steuart Holidays.

Image Credit: Steuart Holidays

The tea business today

The tea from Sri Lanka is considered to be of better quality and is valued at 1 billion Us dollars. This tiny island produces 330 million kilograms of tea each year, which is quite an impressive number for such a small country. The tea industry gives work to over a million people, which is 5% of the population.

The types of tea

Sri Lanka produces various types of black tea whilst also producing green tea and white tea. The freshest and smallest of the leaves right at the top of the branch is white tea, which explains why white tea is more expensive than green and black tea. When you’re on a tour, you’re usually shown the entire process of tea production.

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Tips to Planning a Wellness Retreat – In Search of Inner Bliss

Has “work, eat, sleep, repeat” coupled with a good dose of stress become your daily routine? In that case, it’s high time you start planning a wellness retreat!

Destination is Key

It’s important that your destination of choice be conducive for a wellness retreat as well as being one that you are comfortable with. For example, in Sri Lanka, wellness resort options can be found by the beach which makes an ideal setting, while a wellness centre in the mountains offers a wholly different experience.

Set Your Goals

You should be clear on what exactly you want to achieve through this retreat; it can be just chilling on the beach, indulging in spa treatments, trying meditation and yoga or engaging in active pursuits. Integrated medical centres such as Kaya Sri Lanka offer added benefits for you to choose from be it weight loss programmes, personalised health assessments or specialised clinics.

Think Long Term

You should not treat a health retreat as a quick or one-off experience. If you need a long break, ensure you spend adequate time at your retreat and plan to incorporate certain practices once back home. This could be everything from eating healthy to adding some yoga to your daily routine.

Who to Go With!

When planning your retreat also consider who you want to go with. Sometimes you may want to plan a trip with your partner or a close friend and enjoy a shared wellness experience. However, you may also just need some “me time” as part of an individual journey to find inner peace.



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A Little Known but Special National Park – Discovering the Wonders of Bundala

While names like Yala, Minneriya and Wilpattu are popular when it comes to national parks in Sri Lanka, you would be wise to also make time to explore another wildlife sanctuary in Bundala. Not convinced? Read on for more!

Getting There

The Bundala National Park can be found 10 km from the city of Hambantota and is easy to reach from Sri Lanka luxury resorts or budget hotels in the island’s deep south. Also close by is the town of Tissamaharama which is 18 km away.

Migratory Birds

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Bundala has recorded around 200 bird species of which migratory birds are amongst the highlights, especially the large flocks of greater flamingos that arrive here. Those visiting the park on excursions organised by the likes of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort can expect to see plovers, ducks, stints and terns as well.

anonymous, Flam.greater.600pix, marked as public domain, more details on Wikimedia Commons

Other Birds

Bird lovers can also look forward to seeing a range of other aquatic birds including pelicans, egrets, storks and teals. The Sri Lankan junglefowl and the Brown-capped Babbler are amongst the endemic species one can spot here.

Wildlife Abounds

The Bundala National Park is not all about birds and it is one of the best places in the country to see mugger and estuarine crocodiles. Apart from a small number of elephants, the park is home to toque macaques, spotted deer, porcupines, wild buffaloes and four turtle species too.

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Sri Lanka’s Gift to the World – Geoffrey Bawa

An architect that garnered immense respect, Geoffrey Bawa has brought great pride to Sri Lanka. Let’s look at his life and his achievements along with the legacy left behind.

1) Beginnings

Born in July 1919, Geoffrey Bawa was the son of Justice B.W.Bawa, a successful and wealthy lawyer of English and Muslim parentage. Bawa’s mother was Bertha Marianne Schrader, a woman of Scottish, German and Sri Lankan descent. Bevis Bawa was Geoffrey Bawa’s older brother and a renowned landscape architect.

2) Education

Having received his primary education at the Royal College, Colombo, Geoffrey Bawa went on to study both English and Law in 1938 at St Catherine’s College in Cambridge. After the second World War, he came back to Ceylon and worked at a law firm in Colombo. Bawa then returned to England and enrolled in the Architectural Association in London where he gained a Diploma in Architecture.

3) Career

Geoffrey Bawa’s portfolio included a wide variety of work that spanned various buildings ranging from social, cultural, religious, educational, commercial, governmental and residential interest. If you’re looking for a luxury villa, Sri Lanka has many, especially ones with Geoffrey Bawa inspired architecture like the Anantara Kalutara Resort for example.

4) Influence

Geoffrey Bawa’s designs have influenced a generation of architects both in Sri Lanka and across the world. Many modern buildings in Sri Lanka have taken inspiration from his key projects and incorporated them into their own designs.

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The Essence of Ayurvedic Massage Therapy – Revive Your Soul!

Ayurveda allows you to delve into an absolute sense of tranquillity, it could make your mind body and soul be refreshed and glow with positive energy. Ayurvedic Massage therapy will heal your body from within! Read on to know more about this amazing healing practice.


Ayurveda is an ancient healing practice that originated from the Hindu Vedic text – the “Atharva Veda”. It is a medical practice that uses diet, ingestion of medicinal herbs, therapeutic massages and yoga to prevent or heal bodily ailments. Ayurvedic Massages are a part of Ayurvedic healing and they also promote healthy living.

How does Ayurvedic Massage work?

Ayurvedic massage treatments relieve your tensed muscles and the increase the blood flow to your organs and help to better absorb oxygen. It is even said that intricate massage techniques have the ability to remove kidney stones and cure heart conditions. The benefits of this therapeutic experience are endless!

Where can you get these therapeutic experiences

Today Ayurveda being a rapidly growing medical practice, You could easily find a number of places which offer Ayurvedic Massages scattered across popular cities and tourist destinations around the globe. If you are planning for an Ayurvedic wellness retreat in Sri Lanka resort properties the likes of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort will offer you best-in-class ayurvedic treatments.

What can you expect?

Well, one could expect to experience a sense of perfect sense of relaxation. More than that, you could individualize your session with the help of your therapists. Your therapist may provide you with herbal treatments, massages with herbal extracts and oils apart from massage would also give you suggestions for your wellbeing such as dietary adjustments and lifestyle changes, structured sleep schedules, tips and on meditation and yoga.

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Nature and Wildlife at Yala

Yala National park is situated 260 km south-east of Colombo and gives you the once in a lifetime opportunity of getting up close and personal with raw nature.

Nights at Yala

If you’re the kind to seek a bit of adventure and love nature at the same time, then we’ve got the ideal option for you. Spending a night surrounded by the trees and the wild at Yala is probably an ideal way to explore the animal kingdom and gain an unforgettable experience!

Watching and spotting birds

If you’re into bird watching, then here’s the perfect opportunity to spot rare migrant birds. You’re bound to spot plenty of different species of birds during your stay in a Sri Lanka luxury villa, a visit to this national park also means witnessing numerous water birds.

Safari rides

Yala is well known for the extensive wildlife it houses, and the safari rides around Yala are adventurous and exciting as it gives you an authentic and real experience into the existence of animals in their natural habitat. To ensure you witness the inhabitants of Yala, you may need to carefully choose the best time to visit.

A walk on the beach

An opportunity to enjoy the fresh breeze and relax with the sounds of waves crashing in the background. If you opt to stay in a place such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, you can travel to the parts of the coastal stretch in Yala that is open to the public for a peaceful and serene walk!

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Water Sports You Must Try at Least Once in Your Lifetime – Action-Packed Thrills!

Looking for that natural surge of adrenaline while enjoying an action-packed adventure? Here are four water sports that offer just that and are definitely worth trying out!


There’s nothing quite like the thrills of riding the waves of the ocean which can be calm or unforgiving depending on the day. Balance is key and after some practise you are bound to want to try surfing at different destinations, each offering unique challenges.

Surf, Woman, Surfer, Wave, Beach, Water, Tourist

Jet skiing

Perfect for those with a need for speed, jet skiing offers an exciting ride on the water. It is popular in tropical countries like Sri Lanka; when it comes to places to visit in Kalutara and other southern cities in the island, make sure you head to the beach or lagoon to try this water sport offered at properties such as Anantara Kalutara Resort.


This water sport looks to harness the power of the wind which can be just as forceful as the waves! Hold on tight as your “kite” propels you and a small wakeboard or surfboard, along the water amidst pure freedom.

Montenegro, Kitesurfing, Kiteboarding, Kitesurfer


Utilising the power of a speedboat, wakeboarding offers another high-speed ride as you manoeuvre your board across the water. Those wanting to add to the thrills can learn to do some stunts too, but only with the proper guidance and training!

Wakeboard, Water Sports, Wake Boarding, Lake, Boat

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Rejuvenating the Mind & Body with Ayurvedic Massage – A Path Towards Balanced Health

Brought through the generations, Ayurveda, also called Abhyanga is a technique coming from the traditional Indian treatment techniques. In the present day, many people believe in the healing abilities of Ayurveda and wellness balance it provides.



The practice of Ayurveda began over 2500 years ago in India and thereafter made its way around the entire world. This is the oldest method of healing in the world! This healing technique involves using natural herbs and oils to provide relief to the body.

The effects of Ayurveda

According to research, an ayurvedic massage restores the balance to your body. Perhaps you wish to experience this comfort on a wellness retreat? Sri Lanka is an ideal destination to visit as Ayurveda is practised commonly here. Even resorts such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort provide Ayurveda facilities with professional help.

How Ayurveda helps

Ayurvedic treatments will help release a toxin called ama in the body that gives way to weight gain and other complications. The body’s internal organs will be stimulated, therefore, the systems of the body function better.


It is always safer to consult a doctor and finds out which treatments best fit your requirement. Also, those who are diagnosed with conditions like deep-vein thrombosis should not indulge in any massage therapy.

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What Beginners Need to Know about Surfing – Four Fundamental Facts

Surfing is a concept that is found all over the world. Where there’s a stretch of coastline and decent enough waves, surfers won’t be too far off.

It’s a Way of Life

If you speak to a surfer about this you won’t be surprised to discover how experiencing this has changed their entire lives for the better. Some would tell you that through the crucible of surfing, they ended up travelling the world.

It Requires Practice and Perseverance

Although there might be naturals, surfing, for the most part, has a fairly steep learning curve. Many of the best surfers have wiped out countless times before experiencing their first successful surf. There are many places where people can learn surfing. Even luxury resorts such as Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort provide opportunities to learn surfing in Sri Lanka.

There are Rules

Surfing is dangerous, so all surfers adhere to some very strict rules when tackling the waves. Surfers never steal another’s wave, and have adopted a strong sense of etiquette and mutual respect.

Knowledge Is Power and Ignorance is Dangerous

A good surfer will never overestimate oneself since that could easily result in a fatal accident. Beginners are always encouraged to find teachers and to never learn the sport without a seasoned guide.

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Things Guests Should Expect from a Luxury Hotel – Don’t Settle for Lesser than Luxury

If a hotel or resort claims to be luxury, then there are certain requirements they must meet before one can actually agree that they are, indeed, luxurious.


The word has frankly bee overused in the current markets. From soaps to footwear and cars, the term “luxury” is used often, and loosely too. The actual definition of luxury is a state of elegance or great comfort, especially expensive comforts.

Image Credit: Blue Water Club Suites

What makes a hotel luxury?

There are many luxury hotels in Sri Lanka the likes of Blue Water Club Suites and more, that actually live up to the term. But, what makes them different from the other hotels that claim the same? First of all, booking a room at a luxury hotel should be a flawless, smooth process that can be done within minutes.

Image Credit: Blue Water Club Suites

Check in & Checkout

There shouldn’t be queues at the reception; check-in and checkout must be fast, simple, and inconspicuous.

The Room

The room you looked at on the website and booked should be the room you actually get. Anything less than what you expected or paid for is a huge no for a luxury hotel. Also, a luxury hotel bathroom must be a spa in itself. With elaborately decorated tubs, spick and span countertops, and unlimited water access, the place should be a joy to look at.

Image Credit: Blue Water Club Suites

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