Located in the heart of Dubai and known as the largest of its type, the Dubai Fountain is one of the cities most popular tourist destinations. The fountain is choreographed to music from leading artists from all over the world.

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NealtDubai Fountain 4CC BY-SA 3.0

How the music is selected

The songs that are played at the Dubai Fountain goes through a rigorous curation process to make sure that the venue’s dignity is preserved. The owner of the property occasionally submits recommendations for what music they would like to be played.

Honouring good music

Visiting the Dubai Foundation is a popular activity among tourist staying at one of the Palm Jumeirah hotels in Dubai similar to Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort. The vast diversity of people visiting this venue make it impossible to make everyone happy. Hence the songs are selected because they deserve to be shown respect.

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Alberto-g-roviDubai fountain-2011 (3)CC BY-SA 3.0

What gets rejected

The team who select the music that is played at the Dubai Foundation have to not only consider if the music selected can be choreographed but also have to think of the overall perception people have of the venue. Hence some songs that are popular but do not meet the standards are rejected. Gangnam Style, a hit South Korean song is a good example of a song that got rejected.

Musical diversity

The fountain hosts 13 shows daily shows between 1pm-1.30, 6pm-11pm. This gives it the opportunity to feature a large selection of songs that further proves that it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world.

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