Abu Dhabi offers a great opportunity for the foodies looking to jump right into the middle eastern food scene! Here are a few dishes you absolutely must try.


A fairly simple dish, machboos (also known as makboos or majboos), is a must-try when in Abu Dhabi. Meat and rice are what this dish consists of, however, the blend of spices make every bite of this dish truly worthwhile. You can find this dish with a variety of meat, such as beef, lamb, shrimp and so much more.

Miansari66, Machboos, CC0 1.0


A traditional dish that is made of wheat, meat and salt – it takes quite a while to be made but it’s really worth the wait! This special dish is made by cooking ground wheat in a pot with salt and then adding the meat – which simmers for a few hours until the meat has completely dissolved. Afterwards, you need to put the mix in a clay pot and allowed to cook underground. You may be able to taste this delightful harees dish at some of the best Abu Dhabi restaurant options in the UAE including those at resorts the likes of Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort.

Miansari66, Harees, CC0 1.0


A local favourite – madrooba is prepared using any kind of fish that has been salt-cured. Cooked in a pot of water that is flavoured with spices, flour is added in periods, thickening the broth into a savoury sauce.


Now for dessert, trying out luqaimat must be first on your list. Simply put, this dessert is little fried balls of dough that’s drizzled with date syrup.

Wikiemirati, Luqaimat, CC BY-SA 4.0


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