Although Moranbah is a modern city, it has become a prosperous area today. It’s special when compared to the rest of the cities because it’s dedicated to the mining community.

The location

From Brisbane, this city is located around 1000km away, and if it’s from Mackay, Moranbah is just 195 km away. Over 9000 people reside today in Moranbah.

The history

The Utah Development Company has come up with the idea of setting up a mining community in 1970 and Moranbah has seen its birth after that. There has been a property with the name ‘Moranbah’ and the same has become the name of the area.

Things to see and do in Moranbah

Bridled Nailtail Wallaby Image by DiverDave via Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The main attraction in the area is the Town Square Park. Here you find the famous sculpture of a Bridled-Nailtail Wallaby and also a musical playground to entertain the kids. The Peak Range National Park is also there to be explored.

Holidaying in Moranbah

Holidaying in Moranbah is now possible, thanks to properties such as Oaks Moranbah Suites. Those who come to explore the mining areas and other attractions can go for any Moranbah accommodation options like these without any issue.