Bordering Tai Lake’s northern shore, the city of Wuxi in China is blessed with a rich natural and cultural heritage. Known as the ‘Pearl of Tai Lake’, the city has a history of more than 3,000 years and offers plenty to see, do and experience.

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Image by Synyan, Wuxi-bird-view, CC BY 3.0

Choosing Your Accommodation
Be it for business or leisure, staying within the main city itself is a good idea. Apart from conventional hotels, you can opt to stay at centrally located hotel apartments Wuxi has to offer which provide easy access to attractions, shopping hubs and dining venues.

Sites to See
There are plenty of attractions to fill your sightseeing itinerary. Nature lovers can head to the environs of Tai Lake and Turtle Head Isle, while not to be missed are Li Garden and Jichang Garden. Other main sites include the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Ascott Central Wuxi and Huishan Ancient Town.

Getting Around
If you are planning to make use of public transport to get around Wuxi then look to access the city’s subway services, while there are lots of public bus lines as well. Another option is to hail a taxi which provides a convenient and relatively fast way to get to your destination.

Foodie Highlights
Wuxi is also known for its distinctive cuisine. Crab, fish and shrimp are common ingredients in local dishes and the city has many restaurants with plenty of options. Amongst the must-try foodie delights are sweet and salty spare ribs, almond dumplings and stewed bean curd.


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