A country filled with luxury and sophistication- Qatar is now becoming a great tourist destination. It’s not just about the luxury, it’s about so much more! Know these facts before your tour to Qatar.

It’s the richest of all

Needless to say, Qatar is blessed with oil and gas. So, there’s nothing to be surprised about when Qatar becomes the richest country in the world.

Doha is ever amazing

Doha- its capital city is ever wonderful. Holidaying in Doha is a great idea as you have many luxury hotels in Doha the likes of Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara. You have many attractions to explore such as the Museum of Islamic Art.

Flaming FerrariMuseum of Islamic Art, DohaCC BY-SA 3.0

Qatar accepts diversity

Yes, Qatar is a Muslim country, but that doesn’t suggest that it lacks any freedom! Its culture tolerates the freedom of others to respect other religions. Alcohol is permitted in some parts of the country, and this freedom is applicable even when dressing.

Getting around is easy in Qatar

In Qatar, you have Karwa taxis and they make your life much easier! You just have to get their app installed and book your trip. Careem and Uber allow you to enjoy ride-sharing facilities as well.