Beau Vallon Bay
            Photo by © Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino

Have you ever dreamed of paradise? What did it usually look like? If white, soft, sandy beaches with shimmering turquoise waters are usually what comes to your mind, guess what?! Seychelles is the perfect definition of paradise on Earth. If you’re looking for a beautiful hotel in Seychelles to check in to during your stay, options such as Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Resort & Casino will definitely cater to your definition of paradise, by providing luxury accommodation and a range of ultimate comforts! With gold and bronze sunsets and diamond studded skies, Seychelles is what day dreams are basically made of. Once you set foot on this precious treasure trove, prepare your senses for a whirlwind of emotions, adventure and romance as every bit of the island seeps to your bone and leaves you completely breathless.

The powder white beaches are usually just outside many popular hotels and resorts, as giving their guests direct and easy access to the beach is one of their main selling points. Conservation of the island’s fauna is taken in to high consideration here as they treasure their wildlife and all endemic species.

Seychelles has been continuously praise for being the ideal holiday and honeymoon destination thanks to its pristine beaches, nature reserves and two UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are two main island types; the inner islands that surround the principal islands of La digue, Mahe and Praslin are complete with thick untouched forests and flawless beaches while the outer islands are a collection of coral islands, with Al dabra being the largest. A majority of the population inhabits the inner islands of the Seychelles while the outer islands are the hidden treasures and immaculate worlds.

Those who visit the Seychelles are usually given a fair bit of advice – after you visit once, you will always feel an inherent longing and a strong desire to visit again. This desire will often leave you feeling empty until you set foot on the island’s pristine beaches again.


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