These mid-sized antelopes are the smallest of their genus and are native to the Arabian Peninsula. Adorable and majestic, they are a sight to be seen when you’re in Abu Dhabi. Want to know more about the Arabian Oryx?

File:Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx).jpg
Charles J Sharp creator QS:P170,Q54800218, Arabian oryx (oryx leucoryx)CC BY-SA 3.0

1) What do they eat

Arabian Oryx’s diet is mainly composed of grass and various herbage. They also, however, eat melons, bulbs and roots as well. They store a lot of water content in their bodies and can travel long distances without drinking.

2) Where can they be found

After going extinct in the wild in the year 1972, these creatures have then been reintroduced into the wild in places like Oman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

3) Where to stay when while checking them out

Of all the activities in Abu Dhabi, checking these animals out will definitely be a rewarding experience. While doing so, you can find plenty of great places for accommodation, like Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Sahel Villas for instance.

4) Their conservation

The Arabian Oryx is well protected across its area of habitat and any activity of their trade has been deemed illegal.


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