The idea that the Maldives is just for water sports lovers and honeymooners is false because the set of beautiful islands provides you the perfect atmosphere for complete relaxation too. But before anything you need a proper guide that will make things easier for you.

The top things to do
You may choose the Banana Reef if you want to experience the best of diving moments in your life. Also, surfing, fishing, enjoying an awesome spa session will all be possible if you select a convenient venue for your stay at resorts the likes of Faarufushi Maldives.

Accommodation and transport
If your idea is to go on with a Maldives beach resort for your stay, do not worry, there are affordable options out there for you to choose from, according to your requirements. Seek help of the resort that you choose to find the best transportation modes because they know what ferries you should take for your needs.

Food and beverages
For the package that you select in your resort, generally, all meals are included. If you want to try a change, you may go to the local markets and restaurants where you can buy average priced meals. Make sure you have some money allocated for water bottles too during the tour.

Things to know
Make sure you have sufficient USDs with you since dollars are widely accepted in the Maldives. And as it is a Muslim country, you will not find alcohol anywhere, except on some resort islands. Take part in excursions as much as possible, because you need to explore this beautiful country, without missing a single aspect of it in order to make your holiday a memorable one!