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Dubai is renowned as a city for shopping, but in any way, it doesn’t overshadow the prestigious image the city has gained with its grand infrastructure and beautiful cityscape. Unlike many other tourist destinations in the world, Dubai city has its own unique set of attractions which are mainly man-made and artificial. If you decide on taking a trip to see the most beautiful places out there and end up looking for hotels in Deira Dubai, you might have some good options to consider, like the AVANI Hotels and Resorts.

One of the must-see attractions in Dubai is the ‘World Islands’ which is a huge cluster of around 300 artificial islands. The Palm Islands are also similar to this in their make, but the shape of these artificial islands is representing natural palm trees. Then there is the canal city known as Dubai Marina, which is the world’s largest of that kind. Burj Khalifa is a mega-tall skyscraper and famous tourist attraction in Dubai. Higher than 829 metres, this building takes you closer to the sky with its observation decks on the 124th floor. There is also the Burj Khalifa Lake and the Dubai Fountain, artificial like others, but still breathtakingly beautiful. In terms of shopping, there is the Dubai Mall which is huge and is busy with visitors at any time of the year. Apart from being a shopping mall, the Dubai Mall also has an underwater zoo, an aquarium, and an ice rink created using high-end technology.

In spite of making everything on its own, the Dubai city takes advantage of nature equally through converting its desolate deserts into an exciting desert safari. Anyone who visits Dubai should experience a desert safari. Even though it is a little surprising, Dubai has enough of beaches with luxury hotels and restaurants in close proximity.

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