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Corporate Traveler | Photo by The Ascott Limited

Travelling for business can at first be exciting, but when you’ve got keep on doing it and the miles keep on adding, you become sick of it. You become tired of the long flights, the jet lag and the uncomfortable rooms that you have to put up with. Well then dear business traveller, here are a few corporate travel hacks from us that would help you get the best out of your trip.

Make friends with the company employee who does the booking. Sounds mercenary? Just think of flying in that particular airline you always wanted to or staying at a posh hotel chain. Getting chummy with the person who’s doing the booking can help both parties. You could get your preferred travel plans and in return for their friendship, you could get some souvenirs or even a bottle of wine from your recent trip. Suggest options for them to consider. For example, research on hotel chains that give special discounts like The Ascott Limited, and show your ‘friend’ why it’s better and more cost effective to stay there instead of that horrible place they sent you last time. Check out other accommodation options as well. For instance, staying at a luxury serviced residence for a special business package will give you the benefit of late checkouts and complimentary in-room wireless internet access.

Choose a corporate credit card that gives you great benefits. Its only prudent that those miles and points earned through your corporate travel should owned by you, after all that tiring flying. There are many companies that allow you to accumulate points on your own corporate credit card, while not spending any of your money.

Utilize your miles for last minute tickets. It’s true that more often than not, the price for travel on a short notice is more expensive than booking in advance. So, if you are forced to travel on short notice, put those miles you to good use by purchasing the ticket for your next trip.


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