Consisting of five blocks, Yala National Park is adored by wildlife and nature enthusiasts the world over for its natural beauty and wildlife sighting opportunities. A safari at this national park is one of the biggest draws that many tend to book a holiday at one of the hotels in Yala.

Best Times to Visit

February and March are the best months to go on a safari in Yala National Park, particularly if you’re looking forward to spotting the elusive leopard. However, the dry season lasts until June, so any day between this period should be fine for a safari.

Getting There

The entrance to Yala National Park can be accessed via Tissamaharama in Hambantota, Sri Lanka. If you’re travelling from Colombo, the best way to get here is by car or bus via the Southern Expressway. Many tourists tend to stay close to this national park by booking accommodation at campsites such as Leopard Safaris Yala.

Animals and Reptiles

Around 44 identified species of mammals and 47 species of reptiles can be spotted at Yala National Park. These include the Sri Lankan sloth bear, Asian elephant, golden palm civet, fishing cat, leatherback turtle, and saltwater crocodile to name a few.

A Bird Lover’s Paradise

Bird Paradise
Bird Paradise | Image via flickr

The bird community here – both endemic and migratory – is a major attraction for many birders to visit this national park. Around 215 species of birds festoon the semi-deciduous forests, monsoon forests, grasslands, and marshes here.