Breathe in the Arabian air, travelling through the trails of Oman on a vacation that lingers on, with memories made for a lifetime. Here’s what a seven-day Oman journey will have in store for you. From transportation tips to places to visit, this guide is made to help you make the most of your vacation.

Muttrah Corniche
Muttrah Corniche | Image by Anfal Shamsudeen via Unsplash

Transportation Methods

How can one get about the streets of the city from the best hotels in Oman? While renting a car from your lodging at Al Falaj Hotel or any other accommodation is much recommended, travellers may also choose from a range of other transportation methods. These include travelling in a bus, micro, ferry or taxi, whereas the latter is recommended to reach your destinations in larger towns.

The Best Time for a Visit

Your visit to Oman solely depends on your temperature tolerance levels. While the country is generally warm, Oman does enjoy a few cooler months, which may seem appealing to the ones who prefer to avoid the heat. The month of October usually welcomes guests with pleasant weather that reaches approximately 30 degrees Celsius, whereas the summer months could be as hot as 50 degrees Celsius.

Where to Visit

Oman is a country brimming with picture-perfect sites that are worth a visit, and travellers will have plenty of options to choose from to list down on their checklist. Among our top picks for sites in Oman are Muttrah Souq, Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, Musandam Beaches, forts and castles, the National Museum, Masirah Island, and the Royal Opera House Muscat.

The Attire

It is vital to be mindful of one’s attire when strolling down the streets of Oman. While the Omani people are accepting and respectful of the clothing choices of foreigners, travellers can show a simple act of respect by not being dressed in body-hugging clothes. Further, avoid wearing revealing clothing while always keeping an eye on the dress code expectations of certain shopping centres.