The archipelago of Maldives is filled with pristine beaches and stunning landscapes and it is also home to a hospitable and friendly population. Read on to know more about the Maldives and its people.


Located right next to the equator in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is a tropical nation which is composed of over 1000 coral islands. The islands are home to a myriad of attractions that includes beautiful beaches with stunning landscapes and a myriad of luxury Maldives island resorts making it one of the best tropical vacation destinations.

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It’s people

The Maldives also houses a population whose lively hood mainly depends on the industry of tourism and fisheries. The people of Maldives are known to be very kind and friendly and meeting them will certainly be an experience worth your while.

Where can you meet them?

Tourists won’t be able to see the island inhabitants since they will mostly be stationed in resort islands. Some of the islands you can visit to meet the people of Maldives are Male; which is the capital of Maldives, Hulhumale, Dhiddhoo, Utheemu and Mafushi. Since the islands are separated by sea the only way you can reach these islands is by boat and seaplanes and resort properties like Naladhu Private Island Maldives offer transfers to these islands for its visitors.

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Things to remember when visiting an inhabited island

The Maldives is a strictly Muslim nation and Sharia law and many other restrictions are in effect in the country. When you are visiting the populated islands of Maldives women should wear clothing that covers their shoulders and legs. Most of the Maldivians understand and are able to speak English so speak politely and dress modestly when you are in any of the inhabited islands.

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