Interested in taking up property investment in Phuket, one of the most premier tourist destinations in the world? Then read onto find out a few key strategies that will help you do so.


Be an early bird

Be smart and subscribe to the early bird strategy involving investing in pre-sale condo or villa developments and reselling them before completion, in order to reel in a good capital gain. Reputed property developers, including the likes of Infinite Luxury, are usually prepared to propose exclusive pre-launch prices to interested parties.

Have a good exit strategy in place

It’s crucial to have an exit strategy in place, that will depend closely on your own personal investment goals. Investing in something with no option to sell or divest, will leave you with limited options and possibly even result in a loss.

Think outside the box

Business savvy investors will understand the fact that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Phuket property investment. Which will give them an added advantage compared to those who believe there are boundaries when it comes to buying and selling real-estate.

Get one free when you buy 4

Invest in a number of units at the pre-sale stage and re-sell all but one with the aim of gaining a unit at no added cost. Investors can either live there, rent it out or use it as a holiday home for a few weeks and still receive a handsome return.

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