If you want to experience the rich heritage of Sri Lanka, Dambulla is definitely a good destination to be. As Dambulla is a convenient location to Sigiriya, Kandy as well as Habarana, you may also explore those cultural destinations if you wish to.

Getting to Dambulla, Sri Lanka

From Colombo to Dambulla, it will take around 4-5 hours if you are using public transportation. As most of the Dambulla hotels are located on the Kandy Road, reaching them by bus will also not be a problem. There are many good hotels the likes of The Paradise Resort & Spa Dambulla if you consider staying a night in the city.

Exploring the Dambulla Golden Temple


Dambulla Golden Temple| Img by: lapping via Pixabay

Exploring the Dambulla Golden Temple means exploring a set of amazing caves with carvings and Buddha statues. A sight for soar eyes, the Golden Triangle is a sacrad attraction indeed.

Heading to Sigiriya

Located 25km away from Dambulla is the UNESCO World Heritage site- Sigiriya. Be amazed by the architectural marvel of this fortress thats 200 meters high. You get to see ruins of a royal palace with beautiful gardens and many more elements.

Hiking up Pidurangala

If you have time, do not forget to climb Pidurangala which is just 1km away from Sigiriya. This trail is not steep at all, and once you go to the top, it provides an amazing view of Sigiriya and other surrounding mountains.