The lush, tropical Paradise of Bali is a tourist haven and Mother Nature has been incredibly bountiful to the island giving it beauty and all that is needed to grow a rich variety of food. A major crop is rice and rice paddies green and golden can be seen in many places, especially in the center of the island and the famed Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud should be a must see in any itinerary. Ubud bali accommodation will suit many a budget and COMO Uma Ubud will suit those seeking luxury and relaxation in a contemporary Asian setting.

The Rice Terraces of Tegallalang are a 15 – 20 minutes ride north from Ubud city center and is a beautiful sight as they lie basking in the sunlight.Visiting them is a good way to spend a morning or afternoon. Farmed in the Subak system (traditional Balinese Cooperative Irrigation System which according to history was passed down by Rsi Markandeya, a revered holy man of the 8 century) these rice terraces along with those in Pejeng and Camphene provide food and beauty to Ubud and Bali. The Tegallalang Rice Terraces in many shapes and sizes spread across the valley and at 600 meters above sea level the area is cool and breezy. There is a sense of timelessness as you survey the vista of rice paddies stretching to the slopes across the valley and the place provides super photography and painting opportunities. No fee is charged for walking around the rice paddies but there is a bridge and the villagers who maintain it will ask for a donation to maintain it and the trails. Many craft shops and cafes are there and villagers will pose for photographs for a small fee.

Pakudi is a small village of traditional Balinese craftsmen who showcase Balinese talent at its best doing intricate wood work and carving in both traditional and more contemporary designs. The mythical Balinese bird, the Garuda takes pride of place in these beautiful works of art.

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