The classical gardens of Wuxi are an enchanting portal into the serenity and peace of China’s landscaping marvels. Read on to find out more about these well-preserved gardens and what you can expect when you visit them.

Image credit- Unsplash,
Jerry Wang,CC0

Visiting Wuxi

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Ancient Gardens

The many classical gardens of Wuxi were once privately owned by wealthy estate owners, government officials and the intelligentsia of the time. It was created as a space in which they could retire when in need of some peace and leisure.

The Li Garden

This garden is not only lovely, but it offers unspoilt views of Lihu lake. The garden was named after a general named Fan Li who helped conquer the neighbouring state known as Wu. Visit the Li Garden during the summer months of June to September to witness the beautiful Lotus flowers in full bloom.

Plum Garden

This garden was built in the last century by those considered to be the pioneers of the plum industry in China. This garden is replete with beautiful plum trees which offer plenty of shade from the mid-day sun. The plum blossoms are also a wonderful sight to behold and have a wonderful fragrance when they are in bloom.