Livingstone- a destination that was quite unheard of a decade ago, is today a popular tourist hotspot in Zambia. To those who love to enjoy the best African vibes, this destination is surely a treasure.

Image via Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara

History of Livingstone

The first ever European to discover Victoria Falls to the world was Dr David Livingstone. This city in Zambia has been named after him as a tribute to his service.

Once a capital city

When Zambia was known to the world as Northern Rhodesia, Livingstone was the capital city of the country. The capital city title then moved to Lusaka, but Livingstone remained to be the ‘Tourist Capital’ of Zambia.

What to explore in Livingstone?

For any tourist holidaying at a Livingstone hotel, Victoria Falls will be the main place of exploration. In addition to this, Livingstone is home to several cultural attractions. Since they hold colonial charm, tourists love to explore them.

The local lives

In addition to the attractions, tourists also love to visit the local villages in Livingstone. They are different and unique when compared with a general African village, and the hospitality of the locals is also admirable.

The tourism industry

The industry of travel and tourism in Livingstone is booming. Thanks to world-class properties such as Royal Livingstone Hotel by Anantara, this city increases its value as a tourism hub day by day.