A centuries-old enclave of cobbled streets and alleyways brimming with traditional artistry, Souq Waqif is a stunningly contrasting experiential allurement embedded gem-like in cutting-edge Doha.

Atmospheric Retail Therapy

Wander through this lush maze of shoppable treasures, drinking in the scents of spices, oud, and coffee. Whether you’re enamoured by antique lamps, exquisite jewellery with your name in gold calligraphy, gorgeously embroidered and handwoven textiles, graceful Arabian dalla potsor whimsical desert rose crystals, this enchanting anachronism leaves nothing to the imagination.

Alex Sergeev (www.asergeev.com), Fabric displays in Souq Waqif, CC BY-SA 3.0

Tantalise your Taste Buds

After all that adventurous shopping, you don’t have to look far for mouthwatering delicacies to satiate your hearty appetite. From the Persian delicacies and jewel-toned glamour at Parisa and the decadent choice of Arabian dishes at Damasca One to the myriad of carts and stalls lining the picturesque streets, selling everything from roasted chestnuts and chocolate to pasta and corn on the cob, your gastronomic cravings will be fully satisfied.

Encounter Native Wildlife

If you’re yearning for some down-to-earth interactions with animals, Souq Waqif hosts a falcon sanctuary where you can pose with the majestic bird tamely perched on your hand, moving on to watch the beautiful Arabian horses ride out at the Emiri Stables nearby and get acquainted with a tranquil camel at their neighbouring pen. If you’re questing for serviced apartments in Doha proffering prime access to the city’s chief allurements, venture no further than the likes of OAKS Al Najada Hotel Apartments Doha.

Gain Bejewelled Insights

From learning the ins and outs of the pearling trade at the fascinating Pearl Shop to roaming the Gold Souq and finding something dazzlingly intricate to take home with you no matter what your budget is, Souq Waqif is the perfect place to indulge your love for the luxuriant.