Here’s all you need to consider before immersing yourself in Dubai’s monumentally picturesque Mainland, with its vibrant traditional bazaars, dreamy art galleries, and camel rides through antique streets.

SurvivorNgugz, Old Town -Bur Dubai, CC BY-SA 4.0

An Artistic Heritage Hub

From the majestically brooding Al Fahidi Fort, surrounded by the spark of creative indulgence in the form of art-and-culture-inspired events, and mesmerising Dubai Museum, with its riveting tableaus into historic intricacies, to the photogenic Majlis Gallery, vibrant Old Souq, and artisan-rich Heritage Village, even the most blasé globetrotter can’t resist the atmospheric allure of this rustic facet of cutting-edge Dubai.

Reaching Bur Dubai

This vintage microcosm is closely linked with the rest of the futuristic Emirate, located just 14km away from the Dubai Airport, and it can be reached in 10-15 minutes via Metro Train – the fastest and most economical option.

Best Time to Visit

While every season hosts its charms in this quaintly vivacious quarter, the deliciously cool and airy winter months between December and March are a sweet spot for outdoorsy adventures and tireless exploration. If you’re seeking premier hotel suites in Dubai proffering prime access to its lush enticements, venture no further than the likes of Oaks Liwa Heights.

Tips and Highlights

If you don’t have enough time to indulge in an expansive itinerary, make sure to visit the various souqs and timeless museums as a priority, and if you can, hop on to the iconic Dhow Cruise! When it comes to must-have culinary experiences, the Claypot offers a tantalising Bollywood-worthy buffet and you can’t go wrong with Pars for the decadent taste of ancient Persia.