Sustainability and sustainable living are key in today’s world and coliving has emerged as an ideal option in this regard; read on to find out more!

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Saves Space

The concept of coliving features a shared space, generally with serviced apartments, where individuals live and work together; this is seen as a more sustainable option rather than building separate houses for each person; because less space is taken up, the need for clearing land and the resulting deforestation is reduced.

Reduced Costs

Choosing to “go green” can cost more though it has long-lasting benefits. However, in the case of coliving, because you’re sharing the costs with fellow residents, it’s cheaper than conventional housing. You even get loyalty programmes by the likes of DiscoverASR that offer more savings and make sustainable living a practical option.

Less Energy Consumption

Connected with the concept of shared living is the fact that energy consumption will be reduced. Since many activities will be enjoyed as a group rather than individually as well as that resources will be shared amongst one another, the energy consumed will be less; this is significant when it comes to long term sustainable living.

A Communal Effort

While one person can make a difference, often that one person can be demotivated to act alone! In a coliving space, you become part of a community of like-minded individuals who together can create a powerful agent of change. From incorporating sustainable routines to encouraging each other, sustainable living becomes part of the communal lifestyle.