As a solo vacationer intending on visiting the pleasing isles of the Maldives, one will be well placed to make the most of its dramatic backdrops and sublime adventures.

Water_sports | img via Pexels

Choose your island

The further you drift off from the capital of Male, the more isolated it becomes which can work to your advantage if you yearn for an escape devoid of crowds and noise. With over 1,000 islands to choose from and with the prospect of moving from one private island resort to the next readily afforded, one is sure to be spoilt for choice.


Consider your budget and the volume of activities that a holiday to the Maldives would entail. Ideally, remain flexible and focus your energies on fine-tuning your itinerary to have a little bit of something. Be it island hopping, shopping through Male or giving paddle-boarding a go.

Include as much time for water sports

If you’re a keen surfer looking out for a different challenge, then consider booking a stay from the months of June through August as this is when the region’s biggest swells can be caught. However, for a more laidback yet fascinating outing, look no further than a diving or snorkelling expedition. In this regard, look to Kuramathi Maldives which is a resort Maldives is known for where speedboat rides can be availed of in order to access fantastic snorkelling areas.

Move with the locals

Move off the beaten path so to say and head off for the streets and local villages which are a treasure trove of activity. Given that the locals are warm and friendly, it will not be long before you find yourself being escorted to the nearest home to meet, greet and if lucky, share a meal made up of coconut, fish, roti and rice.