While the concept of coliving has grown in popularity, there remain some misconceptions about it too; here’s what you need to know and why these myths should be busted!

Image credit- Unsplash,
Jason Brisco,CC0

Myth: It’s Only for Young People

While it’s true that digital nomads and millennials are drawn to coliving spaces, this in no way means that it’s limited to young people. In fact, it’s also popular with business travellers seeking short or long-term accommodation as well as expats and foreign travellers looking to enjoy authentic cultural experiences and meaningful interactions.

Myth: It’s Very Expensive

This again is false, as you get coliving spaces that are reasonably priced and cater to varying budgets. You can even enjoy super savings with loyalty rewards; the Ascott Star Rewards membership programme is one such example offered by DiscoverASR that features year-long discounts, seasonal offers and complimentary benefits too.

Myth: It’s Like a Dorm Room

Coliving spaces are definitely not like conventional college dorm rooms! Those staying at properties of well-established hospitality brands can expect thoughtfully designed and well-kept living areas that offer lots of comforts as well as foster creativity and productivity. This includes both rooms or apartments and communal spaces.

Myth: It’s Only for Outgoing People

Even individuals and couples who enjoy quiet time to themselves and prefer not to socialise that much can enjoy coliving and there is no compulsion to join in group activities or events. You can opt for an intimate room or apartment where you will have all the privacy you need to work, relax or engage in self-reflection.