In order to take action against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Oman’s government has suspended tourist visas for all countries beginning in March and effective until the pandemic shows signs of global decline.

The Economic Impact

Needless to say, COVID-19 has had a massive economic impact on not just Oman but tourism and all industries even though no forecasts have come through as yet.

Oman’s Cases

Hotels in Oman have shut down temporarily and all functions, gatherings and events such as international or local conferences have been cancelled. Oman’s tourism sector recorded a 43 per cent increase in 2019 and was looking quite powerful, according to the ministry for 2020.

Banning Cruise Ships

Cruise ship occupancy rates have been affected badly in comparison to the hotel industry as Princess Cruises which operates two of the virus-stricken vessels have suspended all 18 of their ships for the next two to three months.

What the Future Holds

Sur Plaza hotel by Oman
Sur Plaza hotel by Oman| Img via Sur Plaza Hotel

In the short run, hotels such as Oman Hotels and other resort chains will focus on dealing with the reductions in occupancy rates that are bound to happen in the short run while ensuring that their staff are given what possible help. Experts believe that tourism could kick back in time for Christmas or even a little earlier. The outlook is optimistic.