While you would have heard about the beach and overwater villas in the Maldives, there’s a new type of accommodation at some resorts worth trying; welcome to the wonderful world of glamping!

What is Glamping?

Luxury Resorts
Luxury Resorts | Image via Unsplash

The concept of “glamping” is pretty simple; it’s similar to traditional camping though you don’t have to rough it and instead, can enjoy modern and more “glamourous” facilities. This can include five-star comforts inclusive of a comfy bed, bathroom and more. In the Maldives, this becomes a luxury castaway experience!

Bubble Tents

A distinctive aspect is the bubble tents at some Maldives resorts; packages at such properties are ideal for those looking to try this novel experience and you will get to stay at an inflatable pod that’s fully climate-controlled and waterproof. Since it’s transparent, you can take in gorgeous 360-degree views and see the stars at night.

Setting & Features

Perfect for a romantic escape, glamping in Maldives is usually set up in a private beach area of the resort amidst coconut palms and tropical greenery. At properties like Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences, such bubble tents also come with access to a well-appointed bathroom, indoor and outdoor shower, sauna and plunge pool!

Package Options

To make the glamping experience more special, certain resorts offer packages with diverse other elements which add to the allure of such an outdoor stay. Some will include options like private massages, a bottle of champagne or wine, a private chef, a BBQ dinner on the shore, sunrise yoga and a beachside breakfast.