From the 19th to 15th centuries, hundreds of temples were built by the Khmer empire, and today, after thousands of years, we can still see the ruins of them all in very good condition.

Angkor Wat Temple 

This City Temple is known as the largest and the most magnificent of all Angkor Temples. Travelling to this attraction from any luxury hotel in Siem Reap the likes of Anantara Angkor Resort, is easy and it’s worth it! This attraction is said to occupy nearly 500 acres!

Angkor Wat temple
Image Credit: Anantara Angkor Resort

Bayon Temple 

One of the most picturesque temples, the Bayon Temple is a creation made of more than 200 massive stones. Experts say the stones make up a combination of the faces of the creator (King Jayavarman VII) and Lord Buddha.

Ta Prohm 

With trees growing out of the ruins, Ta Prohm is surely one of the most atmospheric temples at Angkor. Inscriptions about this temple reveal that it was once home to over 12,000 people including priests and Khmer locals.

Banteay Srei 

Although it’s located further away from the other group of temples, tourists love this small temple site because of the amazing Khmer art it treasures.