It’s fair to say that Macau is not a runner’s paradise. The land is at a premium and enclaves are densely populated but for those in the know, Macau Marathon will take you on a journey to the city’s unseen side.

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The history of Macau International Marathon dates back to the 1980’s. It was first held under the organization of Panda Running Club and was considered as the first international marathon held in the region. The history of this amazing marathon is a glimpse of beauty and its growth as a global event with endless experiences.


Also known as ‘Maratona Internacional de Macau’, this annual event covers a total distance of 42.195 km and it is held in Macau, the People’s Republic of China. Those who visit China to share the thrills of the marathon will have a plethora of accommodation including many luxury hotels in Macau the likes of Hotel Okura Macau.


If you are a running enthusiast who has the skill, you should definitely be a part of this! Each athlete can only take part in one race category and if the athlete has got registered for more than two, his/her participation will be canceled. Also, the participation will be canceled for exchanging number bibs and timing chips.

The marathon

The marathon attracts a majority of athletes from overseas. There are three main routes and out of the those the Route 3, Alto De Coloane which is considered as the most difficult route features breathtaking scenery in the western side of beautiful Macau.

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