Chanthaburi is a province found in Eastern Thailand. There are numerous different hidden gems to be found in this charming coastal city that just isn’t appreciated enough. While this coastal city is often overlooked, it’s definitely worth a trip.

Thailand Beach|Img by:torent3 via pixabay|CC0

A pilgrimage to paradise

From January to March is when the passage to paradise is open to the public.1 hour and 4 minutes from Chatrium Golf Resort Soidao, this site is where Thai locals pay their respects to the highest Buddha footprint. However, the destination is highly recommended for non-religious adventures as well, as the landscape is unlike anything else! The footprint mountain is only one part of the national park, as the Khao Khitchakut National Park offers plenty of treats for wildlife and nature lovers.

A gem market

Gem road or Sri Chan Road draws merchants from all over the globe to bargain for gemstones on Fridays and during the weekend. If you’re staying at a hotel in Chanthaburi, take time off to visit the gem market as the experience is bound to be surreal. The Chanthaburi Gem and Jewelry Centre takes you through a 3D exhibition on the local gem industry.

A culinary journey

Durians are the king of fruit and if you’re looking for the king of kings, Chanthaburi Durian Festival is where you should be! This season lasts from May to July, giving you the opportunity to taste durian and other fruits. The coastal city is also packed with delicious local cuisine and provide you with a one of a kind eastern Thai culinary experience.

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