Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise everyone dreams to visit. Its alluring beauty, welcoming locals, scrumptious cuisines, and surreal moments make you want to stay forever. If you’re looking for offbeat trails and the unseen beauty of Sri Lanka, add these places to your bucket list.

IWantToWrite123, MarawilaBeach2, CC BY-SA 4.0


Located in Puttalam District, Marawila is a town that features one of the most pristine beaches on the island. You can try fishing and sailing and enjoy the nightlife in the nearby Negombo town. Marawila hotels are some of the best options for accommodation on the island, and hotels such as Amagi Beach offer a serene escapade to the discerning traveller.


With tropical weather and lush greenery around, Mahiyanganaya is a small but beautiful town located in Badulla province. Visit the tranquil Sorabora lake and indulge in a boat trip, and pay a visit to the famous Dambana village, home to the Vedda tribe of Sri Lanka.


A surreal village with scenic beauty, hot-air balloons, and a mighty lake, Kandalama is the ideal place to relax and wash all your worries away. Although it is a small village, you will find many experiences to indulge in.


Escape the ordinary and be lost in the misty mountains and refreshing winds in Talawatenne, Sri Lanka. Witness the famous St. Clair Falls also known as the Little Niagara and sip a cup of Ceylon tea enjoying the breathtaking view.