When it comes to rental options one can normally choose between serviced apartments and condos; here are some reasons why the former is the better option!

Image credit- Unsplash,
Francesca Tosolin,CC0

How They Differ

It’s always good to get a better understanding of what differentiates these types of accommodation. Serviced residences or apartments are fully furnished units in a commercial property for short or long-term stays; condominiums are private residential spaces (furnished or unfurnished) with individual units owned by different people.

Rates & Promotions

Serviced apartments usually feature attractive rates which are ideal not only for long-term stays but short trips too. Additionally, loyalty programmes by the likes of DiscoverASR provide even greater savings when you sign up as a member; from exclusive rates and benefits to promotions and redeemable points, there’s much to enjoy.

Ideal Locations

Unlike condos which are sometimes a bit away from the city, a serviced residence or apartment can be easily found in the heart of an urban centre. You can not only experience convenient access to commercial hubs and public transport but be within easy reach of sightseeing, dining, shopping and nightlife hotspots as well.

Facilities & Services

While condos have shared facilities, those staying at serviced apartments of well-known hospitality chains will generally have access to more amenities and services. Apart from a swimming pool and gym, these can also include a restaurant, bar, housekeeping service, business centre services, laundry & dry-cleaning services and more.