Saved up your year-end bonuses intending to make a fruitful investment? Well, it is quite a debate that goes on inside your head when deciding on the best option in which to invest your hard-earned money. Here are 4 of the most profitable choices with some details that may aid your big decision.



The stock markets

While this is probably an obvious answer to your question, what is important is the manner in which you use your available cash in the investment. Having a few extra bucks to invest does not mean that one must dump it all at once into the stock market. In fact, it is better to purchase fewer shares when the price is high and more shares when the price falls.

Peer-to-peer lending

This is where you invest your money in other people, in other words, lending your money on interest quite similar to the way banks provide loans. There is a high possibility of earning returns from between 5% – 7%. This depends upon the risk of the loan. However, it is easier to get started on peer-to-peer lending than investing in the stock market, especially since online websites are available for this purpose.

Real estate

This industry is thriving as there is never a drop-in demand for land, houses, apartments and so on. There is a plethora of luxury residencies like Infinite Luxury, coming up in many places like Phuket. Property investment could bring in returns fast, the property in which you have invested will eventually rise in value due to development. Therefore, rental prices for houses and apartments are always on the rise posing a higher advantage to the investor.


Investing in oneself must sound rather cliché! But, it is an absolute must that this is done. Investing in yourself may not even cost you a cent, it’s just that easy. Experts say that reading at least 3 books on financial management and leadership is bound to make a person smarter. It is also seen that CEOs of renowned companies read an average of 60 books per year to develop their knowledge.

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