Colombo, Sri Lanka, is a rapidly developing city with an increase in an urban culture and as a result there has been an increase in the amount of fine dining restaurants in Colombo. A number of the aforementioned fine dining restaurants are located in hotels, so be sure to keep this in mind when booking a hotel for your vacation. For more information on your hotel and its facilities, sites such as Cvisit, an online travel brand, will be helpful. Their website, Sri Lanka Hotels by Cvisit, lists a number of hotels and their amenities, making it easier for you to choose the kind of holiday experience you would like.

There are a number of business hotels in Colombo that cater solely to business travelers in the city, who prefer a good location, with only a few distractions. There are also larger hotels that have a various number of fine dining restaurants, large pools, a gym and pubs, for travelers looking to spend more time relaxing in their hotel. However there are a number of fine dining restaurants that are not located in hotels, but are in close proximity to a number of popular hotels. Keep this in mind when booking a hotel as in any city, the location of your hotel in Colombo, is key.

As Sri Lanka has had its fair share of international influences, this is reflected in the cuisine in and around Colombo. There are a number of fine dining restaurants, from Japanese, to French and even Thai, so you will definitely not be stuck for choice. Depending on your palate and company, there are also a number of more relaxed options which are frequented by families and guests looking to enjoy themselves in a different setting.

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