The Sydney Opera house stands as one of the most remarkable triumphs in sophisticated design and architecture. It is magnificent in both sight and purpose and is sure to awe you at first sight. Ever since it was put up, the Sydney Opera House has become the symbol of the nation. It is art and it comes as no surprise that this wonderwork of man has made its way to the World Heritage List in the year 2007.

In addition to being nothing short of astounding, the Sydney Opera House also happens to be the world’s most creative and busy performing arts center. Beneath the sails that is perfectly apt for its location is a world that bursts with life. Music and voices echo throughout its halls laced with extraordinary talent and skill. The exterior is even more amazing. The Sydney Opera House was designed by the modern architect Jorn Utzon. His masterpiece took both engineering and architecture to new heights. Its sail like design symbolizes its location on the Sydney Harbor, only adding to its glory. Perhaps this opera house is the only venue that hosts over 2500 performances and events each year and attracts around 4 million visitors annually. When you visit this location you will be able to feel everything wonderful that you have ever heard about it. And that is not all; surrounding the opera house is a vibe that is a perfect emulation of the magnificence of the Opera house; a blissful waterscape setting and tranquil surroundings. The Sydney Opera House was built in the year 1973 and since it came to life it has always been a must see location in the city. Every day guided tours are available that take you through the stories, history and magic of bringing this building to life. You can also learn and understand the extraordinary designs of the interiors portrayed by some sectors of the theatre.

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