Over-water bungalows are now synonymous with luxury holidays and are widely used in tropical nations throughout the world within the most sophisticated resorts.



The Concept

With thatched roofs, and traditional designs concealing luxurious splendour within, the concept of the overwater bungalow is a staple where tropical luxury is concerned. The many Maldives over water villas found in entities such as Kuramathi Maldives placed this concept on the international map.

A Tale of Three Friends

The story begins when a trio of Americans, left their jobs, pooled their savings and travelled to Tahiti. The man spearheading this operation was Hugh Kelly, a former lawyer who is now deceased.

Trouble in Paradise

The trio bought some land in Polynesia for the growth and cultivation of vanilla, but it was later discovered that the land was unsuitable for this purpose. As a last-ditch effort to salvage their ambitious move, the trio scraped together a few resources and bought a four-star hotel.

Tourism Blossoms

The departure from vanilla production to hospitality couldn’t have come at a better time for the team. Upon developing the property further, Kelly Carlisle, the daughter of one of the partners, suggested they build three rooms on stilts that will allow divers direct access to the sea.

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