Summer Palace 

The Summer Palace – occupying pride of place in China’s capital city of Beijing – is one of the most splendid examples of the Chinese landscaped garden, an outdoor art form that is the iconic symbol of one of the world’s major civilizations. Savour the…


Katsura Imperial Villa 

The Katsura Imperial Villa was built in 1645 and was once the home of the Katsura imperial family in Kyoto. At present it is considered a cultural heritage site because the gardening and the architectural elegance of the place has been unmatched in recent history….


Gold Souq 

Check your social calendar. Is it time for your jewellery collection to undergo a little upgrade? Are you sick of silver and want to stock up on jewellery of a more cheerful, sun-warmed hue? Then allow yourself to be seduced by the glistening and gleaming…


UAE Pavillion 

Since sand dunes are an essential part of the Emirati landscape, the pavilion is built to represent the UAE culture. It looks much like the massive sand dunes found in the desert. The reflective golden steel panels on top of the structure are the central…

Luxury Travel Destinations

Buckingham Palace 

Built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1705, Buckingham Palace found in the City of Westminster was transformed into being the royal palace of the British Monarch with Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne in 1837. Choose from the short stay London apartments from where you could…