Vibrantly coloured fascinatingly shaped corals gleam underneath the water winking at you invitingly. The best means to explore is obviously snorkelling through the multicoloured undergrowth teeming with marine life. Resorts in Maldives in which one can lodge in while engaging in this adventure are many but the most popular is Maafushivaru Maldives ranked among the top most Maldives island resorts scattered across the board. Coral reefs are alluring enough on their own, but the most fascinating are the multi hued, multi shaped creatures that dwell amongst these corals. From different species of fish to turtles, crabs and other marine creatures, this coral garden is rich in life and vivacity. For amateurs, there are professional divers who will be willing to guide them through these reefs while for those who are well versed in the art, a marine biologist can be hired to help identify the different species that they encounter. Big or small, the coral gardens in Maldives holds wonders for all!