Sri Lanka is known as a great tourist destination. Everything is so perfect in this country today, but what about tomorrow? Will the situation be the same in the future too? Well, the concept of sustainable tourism addresses this aspect.

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Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable tourism initiatives in Sri Lanka not only focuses on protecting the environment. Sustainability also means encouraging the local economies and strengthening the lives of local communities.

Initiatives by destinations
If a destination does not encourage unethical industries (this includes elephant rides and turtle hatcheries) or unhealthy disposables (such as plastic water bottles), that’s how a destination promotes sustainability. Sri Lanka and its sub destinations are embracing these initiatives.

Initiatives by hotels
Many hotel chains in the country including Heritance Hotels empower local businesses regionally. In addition to that, these hotels also follow ‘Go-Green’ concepts quite effectively.

Responsible travelling
Travellers also have a share of responsibility when it comes to sustainable tourism. They should be more careful when disposing of garbage and when using methods of transportation as well. If they travel during the off-season, that also helps to save destinations for future generations.